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Lunchbox Lifesaver - The School Lunch Planner For Parents - Mess Chef

Lunchbox Lifesaver - The School Lunch Planner For Parents

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Say Hello to Easier Mornings!

Are your kids lunchboxes coming home still full?

Do you stress about what foods to give your kids for their school day?

Do you struggle to stay organised with which child likes which food, and remembering to add those foods to your grocery list?

Do you need new ideas and simple, lunchbox friendly recipes?

If you're feeling like this is you, then Lunchbox Lifesaver is here to help!

This handbook will guide you through creating a simple food planner for your child / children by following my 4 step plan, with hundreds ideas of foods you can try. Supporting videos included to help you create your planner.

10 Lunchbox Friendly  quick and easy recipes are also included, including Lemon & Poppy Seed Cereal Bars, Cheesy Wholemeal Bread Rolls and more.


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