Kiddikutter in Stainless Steel & Wood Handle - Mess Chef
Kiddikutter - Wooden Handled Children's Safety Knife - Mess Chef
Kiddikutter - Wooden Handled Children's Safety Knife - Mess Chef
Kiddikutter - Wooden Handled Children's Safety Knife - Mess Chef

Kiddikutter in Stainless Steel & Wood Handle

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Kiddikutter Children's Knife with Beechwood Handle

Kid-Safe and Effective

BPA-free, food-safe knives that won’t cut skin.

KiddiKutters are specially designed with rounded serrations so they cut food – not fingers. Use them in the kitchen to teach kids about healthy eating and to involve them in preparing and cutting up food. Since KiddiKutters can also cut through meat when used with a sawing action, they are ideal to use as cutlery. Let children use them at the dinner table to boost their self-confidence and teach them independent eating habits.

Children love to help in the kitchen cutting up their own food and help preparing dinner. They can learn so much in the kitchen including, maths and chemistry, not to mention improving their fine motor skills cutting small pieces of fruit or vegetables. Using KiddiKutter knives will also improve hand eye coordination

This most recent Kiddikutter design has a Beechwood handle and steel blade, for long lasting durability and lower environmental impact.

KiddiKutters are perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens and those with special needs.

How To Use

Even though there are no sharp edges, your KiddiKutter is able to cut through everything from a tomato to a steak with ease. It’s able to do this by using rounded teeth and an easy sawing motion. This makes it very easy for your budding chefs to make their own lunches and creations whenever they like without worrying about accidents.

The flat side of the knife also makes a great scraping tool, to scrape away the peel from carrots, fresh ginger etc.

Who is it suitable for?

Recommended for children from age 2+, Kiddikutter knives are also suitable for children, teen and young adults with gross or fine motor issues such as dyspraxia

Why we love them:

We have been using these knives as part of our classes since almost the beginning. We love the look of pride and independence that young children get when they cut their own mushrooms, apples or carrots. We also love that we can rest easy, knowing that we can teach the children safe knife skills without the risk of cutting themselves. As a parent, that kind of peace of mind means a lot

We also love how durable they are. The first set we purchased for classes in early 2018 have been used by hundreds of children, and are still in excellent condition.

What Your Order Will Contain:

One Kiddikutter knife (wood handle), in Kiddikutter branded packaging, wrapped in recyclable outer packaging

The finer details:

Manufactured: These are sourced from an Australian company, owned by Maria Georgiou, who invented Kiddikutter knives in 2000 when her 3yr old son who has dyspraxia wanted to help in the kitchen and she wanted to create a tool that would give him safe independence to prepare food alongside her

MaterialsKiddiKutters have a certified food-safe coated stainless-steel blade with rounded teeth that cuts food, not fingers. The handle is made of beech. 

How to Look After Your  Kiddikutter: Kiddikutter knives are dishwasher safe (yay!) or can be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a tea towel.


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