April Meal Ideas

Need a little help with choosing family meals? Here I have put together some ideas for eating in season, as well as keeping up with trends, batch cooking ideas and prompts for adding a little variety to your meal plan this month.

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April Meal Ideas

1st April - April Fools Day!: Why not have a little fun today by playing a little trick on the kids. My favourite is replacing a glass of juice with jelly. Even more funny if you're in cahoots with the kids, playing a trick on daddy!

3rd April - Seasonal Eats: Make a rich green soup with leek and kale, while they are still in season (mostly ending this month)

8th April - Friday Pizza Night: Check out my instagram highlights for a step by step beginner's guide to pizza dough

9th April - Lets hope Spring is in the Air! Have a day off cooking, and put together a good ol' Irish salad plate of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and scallion (all of which are coming into season), with some boiled egg, a slice of ham and some potato salad. It's very 80s, but it's super tasty!

11th April - Have a Meat Free Monday: Aubergines are coming into season, as are tomatoes, so Aubergine Parmigiana with a side of crusty bread would be fabulous. This recipe from Tesco is very straight forward.

15th April - Good Friday: Bake some traditional Hot Cross Buns.

17th April - Easter Sunday: Well Chocolate for breakfast obviously! Then a delicious Irish Roast Lamb dinner. Try this Asian Style Roast Lamb from Fiona Uyema, for a change to the traditional recipes.

18th April - Easter Monday: A good day for brunch, leftovers and more chocolate! Try my Almond & Chocolate Brunch Rolls

22nd April - Earth Day: A good day to chat to your kids about what it means to eat locally and seasonally. You could try a nice quick cooking stir fry with pak choi and peppers, which are both coming into season in Ireland around now. Get the children chopping with their Kiddikutter knives. This would also be a good day to try out our Solar Cooker Kit and experiment with a natural heat source!

24th April: Easter Holidays are at an end. Time to gear up for school lunches again. Today would be a good day to stock the freezer with savoury muffins, pancakes, scones and other handy items. Find all the recipes you need right here

30th April: Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in the Muslim calendar, ends. I am no expert on this, but I hope to use the opportunity to talk to my children about the other cultures present in our country, and maybe ask a friend or neighbour for a recipe to try.


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Disclaimer: I have not tried all of the recipes linked above, however I have chosen them carefully from sites and chefs I trust to come up with the goods.

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